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Nora Hansen

Head of Marketing

Nora is 21 years old and is currently studying a BSc. in European Business at Copenhagen Business School.

She joined Digi-Talks in 2021 with the dreams of becoming part of a team working towards
educating about the impact of digitalization. Nora does not have a background in the digital world, however, she has an immense curiosity about, how digitalization impacts the society that we live in. Her interest lie in the political, social and business aspects of digitalization. She decided to pursue Digi-Talks to meet new people and to create engaging events that demystify the digital world.

When she is not doing work for her student job or Digi-Talks, she enjoys training Thai boxing and hanging out with her friends and the people she lives with.

Feel free to contact her, if you have any questions :)

Nora Hansen
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