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Josefine Gregersen

Head of Events

Josefine is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Project Management at Copenhagen Business School.

She joined Digi-Talks in January 2022, since she through her work experiences has gained a passion for new technology. She is fascinated about everything from chatbots, quantum technology, RPA to the ethical and sustainable aspects of digital tools. She is especially curious about the strategic aspects of how technology can be part of solving both commercial problems, everyday challenges and some of the world’s biggest challenges in regard to sustainability.

Josefine has prior to joining Digi-Talks been Head of Events at the student organization CBS Trading and therefore has experience in hosting, organizing and conducting events. She loves working in teams of students who share the same interests and gets energy from the amazing things students can create together through student organization work.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Josefine, if you have any questions.

Josefine Gregersen
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